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NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop What tools do you use - what techniques did you come up with? Apr 30, Posts: This thread might interest you: Cool - thanks. Although it's not a normal mapping tool per se, there's also 3D-Coat http: The thing I'm also rather interested ATM in is editing normals manually.

Fortunately baking is available from within many 3D tools and not even only the expensive ones. Blender does a pretty god job, I think. And if I need a few better results - I can boot into Windows and use xNormal - the results are very good after you get used to not seeing your meshes.

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I'm spoiled by Photoshop The far worse reason is that it's win only again. Other than baking - enhancing normals is something you need to tweak and tweak over and over again. Checking in unity then booting in windows to edit in gimp then booting in uity again seems like a pretty bad workflow.

Normalmapping Tools for Mac?

Parallels could be an option It's weird. For windows thre's tons and tons of normalmapping tools - no matter 2D or 3D. For Mac there seem to be very few. Especially good ones. May 11, Posts: The mac options suck for normal map generating programs.

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But I use this app with Parallels and it works great. Windows just has more options for these kinds of things. It's alot cheaper than Crazybump too. BenH , Oct 28, Looks very interesting.

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The Photoshop Training Channel is a Photoshop resource site for beginners. So, for example, when you selected the global light from the 3D menu, your cursor disappeared. Realtime 3D preview with displacement and parallax rendering. I would upload the library but this board doesn't seam to like that. Just ignore my input if it is not useful to you.

Thanks for the tipp. I remember that they stated they'd do it but there were technical problems. Hey BenH, Very cool app. Are you using the Pro or CL version with Parallels? It requires Directx 9, but that just means you cant use the big realtime preview window. I just look at the changes to the swatches and its fine for me. I'm gonna give the pro version a try in vmWare Fusion. Hopefully it works a bit better, a 3D preview would be nice.

Jun 3, Posts: My normal map workflow: A Create the model either in 3ds max or Zbrush B Unwrap the model make sure there are no inverted of overlapping faces. C Import the model into Zbrush again and paint both the diffuse map and high-res normal map. Does anyone know if it does?

A little more information… when I click on the. Try this one: I found that one too but I had trouble getting it to work.

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There seems to be no information on how to use it, even though it appears very simple. Whenever I opened an image with NMG it seemed to be massively over scaled. I tried using jpegs at x pixels, converting to greyscale or just desaturating the colour… yet every time I tried something I would just get over scaled results or the application would just quit. The complexity is putting me off attempting this a little bit. Are there any Gimp users on Macs out there who could tell me if it is worth the hassle, and also if the normalmap plugin works on macs?

Normal Maps in Photoshop 3D

Sorry, I no longer have easy access to a Mac. I remembered doing the search and other alternatives coming up.

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I discovered that it only accepts tiff files, but still the results are scaled incorrectly or just a mess. How do other mac users manage to do it? Only a working converter. Bootcamp is only on Mac OS X And you would need to buy a copy of Vista or Windows XP as well to get it working? I did read on the official Crazybump forum, that the maker of it was at work on a Mac version, which would be brilliant to have! Gimp 2. If this is the case, could someone who has gimp working on a mac with the normal map plugin possibly give me a few directions as to how everything should be installed.

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I know very little about these sorts of things eg. X11, custom builds, where to place the plugins and such. So - has anyone found out something or did this thread die? If you are on an intel based Mac you should be able to use wine to extract the NormalMapFilter. I highly suggest the use of NMG instead as not all of the features of the plugin will work on a Mac. Allright I finally found somethin.