How to search on mac by date

Using Finder’s Advanced Search to Find Recently Modified Files
  • How to Sort Files By Date in Mac OS Finder.
  • Find items by doing a basic search in Outlook for Mac!
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  • macOS Sierra: Narrow your searches in Spotlight and Finder. You can save a search to use again. Just click Save below the search field. Your search is saved as a Smart Folder.

Make Spotlight Sing: Use Dates To Search Your Files [OS X Tips]

To be able to quickly access your search in the Finder sidebar, make sure Add To Sidebar is selected. For more information, see Create or modify a Smart Folder.

Add criteria to a search

You can add criteria to a basic search. For example, you can search for particular kinds of files, or for items created on a particular date. Start your search in. Those pre-defined search items that used to hang out over in the Finder sidebar window How about when you want to find a file before a certain date, or after?.

Most items contain metadata that describes the item contents, how it was created, and other attributes. For example, when you take a digital photo, information such as the camera model, the aperture, and the focal length are among the many attributes automatically stored in the file as metadata. There are several other keywords that you can use to find items, such as from, to, author, with, by, tag, title, name, keyword, and contains.

To use a keyword, enter it followed by a colon, then enter your search term. New York City.

Find Files with Date Specific Searches in Spotlight for Mac OS X

Add criteria to a search You can add criteria to a basic search. Start your search in Spotlight or a Finder window.

How to Search for Files and Folders on a Mac For Dummies

The result of the search might include a large number of files. If that occurs, you may be able to find the file more easily by clicking the List View icon, and then Arrange icon and changing to sort by Date Modified or Name. Also, typing a more specific search in Spotlight may narrow the search result.

Launching apps A simple but efficient way to take advantage of Spotlight is to use it to launch apps. To quickly launch an app that is not on your dock, just type the first few letters in Spotlight and press the Enter key. Using Spotlight as a dictionary or calculator If you type a word in Spotlight, one of the results is a dictionary definition of that word.

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Moving your cursor over in the search result displays a definition. Clicking on Dictionary opens the Dictionary app, where a thesaurus and Wikipedia view are also available using the buttons at the top.

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Customizing Spotlight To customize Spotlight, type anything in the search area and click Customize Spotlight at the bottom. This can be worthwhile if you use it frequently. Combining search operators ranging from sender to date to subject logically with "OR" and parentheses lets you zoom to the right result fast and precisely—and without much effort. You can combine search operators from: For this, and more advanced searches, you can use Spotlight.

2. Search current folder

To search mail using Spotlight , which affords you even more control:. Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since