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follow Thank you so much for this VERY helpful information. Thank you!! Restart your Mac, then empty the Trash — it should work then. Thank you for your help! I am probably a bit silly for not realising that sooner but I have always purchased games on disc up until now. Your directions were easy to follow and worked like a charm. Thank-you, again, for sharing your expertise. Thanks you so so so much! Recently upgraded my hard drive, and was updated to Yosemite.

April 5, at 8: My issue is that the Sims 3 or Generations which is what I prefer to play icon shows up in my dash, but the Welcome Screen does not show up completely, so I cannot click on the Play, Upload, Downloads, etc icons at all. Restart your Mac and try again. Does it matter that I deleted those things first? Or should I just wait it out and see if it works? You should use the uninstaller first. But thank you! I got it figured out!! Your site is very helpful!

Earlier today i was deleting stuff from my desktop and accidentally deleted the sims 3 icon -thinking the one in my dock would do just the same.

Re: [MAC] Why am I having trouble downloading, installing, or launching Island Paradise on Mac?

I've tried all the troubleshooting tips, updated my Mac (and I just bought it This is for the base Sims 3 game, and I bought expansion packs as well that I won't. i only had the sims on my origin so i draged the orign folder to the bin for a The Sim 3 stuff and anything with the sims in the name, as i found the problem is the.

I did this reset as a last resort. And it worked. I deleted all of the file folders like you suggested. My uninstaller still will not work. Im sure you have probably answered this a bunch of times. I must be missing something though…. I read through the instructions 3 times already…. What is still installed that you want to uninstall?

You should just trash the uninstaller too. I just wanted to thank you for this post! After following your instructions to the letter, I have just reinstalled the base game and am patching it as I type. I force quit everything and it still said it. Yes I did and I installed everything and so far so good! Thanks so much for your help!!!!! I unfortunately cannot find that Preferences folder on my mac in the library folder. Or is it hidden? Its a brand new computer. Macbook Pro Retina I can download it and put it in the launcher to be installed, and then I install it but none of the content shows up in game, and in the launcher it says that everything is installed.

Do you have any idea of what this could be? Hello there! I followed all the steps to uninstall the sims 3 on my old mac OSX Yosemite , as I have transferred everything to a better computer and want to free up all the space my game takes up on the old mac. I have all but 3 expansion packs installed so I know that it should be much more than that.

I looked in the launchpad and the sims 3 as well as the other expansion packs were still there. Help please? Empty the bin and restart your Mac too.

Hello, i did all of what you said to do in your instructions. Hey, thanks for you help! I did everything you said and was able to finally delete it fully. Unfortunately I deleted the electronic arts folder and deleted my trash bin as well. I was too quick here.. When I try to reinstall it, it gets stuck at the file 3 from 8xx.

Hope you can help me!!! Every time I try to download the superpatch which is the big issue behind my game not working , it times out after a couple hours. Have you checked your internet connection, how fast is it?

Haha- Thanks! What exactly is your issue? Have you registered your product codes in Origin? What Mac do you have? What EPs do you have? Or you have too many things running at once?

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I just got a new Mac Mini. I was playing on a PC before i got my Mac Mini and all of my expansion packs are still on there. I was wondering if I could reinstall all of my expansion packs onto my Mac Mini. Could you help me? Yep, play them digitally through Origin — https: Please Help! I have a macbook air OS X Yosemite This is your problem — https: I tried going through the steps you have above. Sims 3 preferences, yes. I even did a search just in case. I have play TS3 on my macbook from origin before and it worked just fine but I decided to deleted because my macbook was being slow.

I finally got it installed and decided to play. This happened sooo many times that I decided to factory reset my macbook. I tried to reinstall it after, however, it still does the same thing. What should I do???! When I uninstall both games the game loads and plays fine. In addition to all those com. So I done all of this multiple times but everytime I reinstall using Origin and try to launch the game, it says Unknown Error occurred.

Any ideas?? When I use the uninstaller for TS3 it asks me to pick a game to uninstall but nothing comes up in the selection box. I was following your instructions, and was wondering, should I delete com. All I did was search com. I have a feeling this will be enough, especially because as I was looking it was clear my game installed totally wrong no launcher whatsoever, no Electronic Arts folder, and the uninstaller didnt even find a game to uninstall.

Major fail EA, lol. Though probably my fault for uninstalling incorrectly.

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Also wanted to add, for users not as computer savvy, there maybe com. Hey thanks for the prompt reply! Your clean uninstall made my game work!!! So that is just totally bizarre. Ok so I may be completely stupid here but I cannot even find my library folder.

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Please help oh wise one! I have the same problem. I was installing for the first time. Got the Launcher to open once, then started to load expansion packs. Now all I get is the Unknown error message. It is terribly frustrating, and I hear Sims 4 is not totally worth it. Say "Thank you" A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated. Add comment. Video Games. The Sims. Ask a question Report. SaneSim - Mar 4, at The Sims Ask a question Report. The software installed fine, but when she tries to start the game, she gets this message on the screen: I checked system requirements and meet them all: Please tell me what shall I do the start this game?

System Configuration: Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7. Best answer. Report Respond to timadak. Say "Thank you" A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated. Add comment users have said thank you to us this month. View all 39 comments.

I can't get the Sims 3 launcher to work either. It just disappears a few seconds after it opens. But, I can't locate the missingdeps. Alex-O-Mighty - Apr 22, at I had the same prob I did what you said and delete the missingdeps but nothing happened I cant find the book that can with the game so I cant uninsal and and rein??

Overflowing with Gratitude - Jun 14, at You are amazingly awesome!!!! I don't know how you figured it out, but you solved my problem. It worked perfectly! I can't tell you how many things I've done to try to get this game to work! Thank you so much!!!! J - Jun 14, at I seriously squealed in joy. Here the link to a FAQ on how to un-install on a Mac. If you are still not able to download, install or launch your game, please report your issue in here with the following information:. A detailed description of what is occurring: Just installed Sims 3 University Life via digital download.

Sims 3 installer problems

I just paid for this game! A detailed description of any troubleshooting you have already attempted: Can't uninstall, phyisical copies of Sims 3, Pets, and Supernatural are all in Orlando, currently staying at parents place for summer. Can see no problem, except the launcher can't see the expansion.

Please un-install and re-install the Origin client and not the games. You can download the Origin client here: I just purchased a new computer and am trying to install the game. Please try the trouble-shooting steps explained in the first post. I've installed the game and it requires the DVD to be inserted. My computer has no DVD drive. I have the product key registered online and I have the Origin Mac application opened and signed in.

I've tried mounting the disk image of the installer. Can you please try this? None A detailed description of what is occurring: The Game will not load. It goes to the Launcher and nothing after that. The game says it needs to update to the 1. The Game just will not load at all. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall. I have tried to update the patch and the game to the 1.

It sounds as if you are trying to install the disc and not the download version, right? This is not the issue we are dealing with here. Can you please open a separate thread for your issue? You are not supposed to redeem the code anywhere if you bought the game from Origin. It will show up in your Origin client from where you can download it. Please read more about that here: This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ!

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