Google mail server for mac

Set up Gmail POP account in Apple Mail

follow link Close the Account screen. If configured correctly, mail should start populating the Inbox. The Welcome to Mail window will open. If you have configured Apple Mail on this computer before, you need to add another account to access your Google Apps Account. In the mail Add Account window: In the Full Name: This will appear in the From field of your outgoing messages.

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In the Email address field, enter your Google Apps Mail address e. Click Continue.

If Mail refers to a problem with the mail server or network

You will be told that the Account must be manually configured. Press Next.

The Incoming Mail Server window will open. In the Incoming Mail Server window: Your NetID might already be filled in, but make sure you add umass.

Verify Settings:

This might already be filled in. Click Next. Mail will tell you that Additional account information is required. Press Next again. The Outgoing Mail Server window will open.

In the Outgoing Mail Server window: In the Outgoing Mail Server field, enter smtp. Mail will try to autodiscover your settings, but won't be able to do it, so it will ask for your email account configuration in the Incoming Mail Server dialog: In Description write a name for your email account. This can be your email address. In Incoming mail server type imap.

In Username type again your full email address username domain. Type your Gmail Password. Click Continue.

If you can’t send or receive email on your Mac

Provide the following in the Outgoing mail server dialog: In Description write a name for the outgoing server. It can be only "Gmail".

In Outgoing mail server type smtp. Check the Use only this server and Use authentication options, so they be enabled.

If Mail keeps asking for your email password

Here's how to set up Mac OS X Mail to receive mail from your Gmail account and send Enter under Incoming Mail Server. Set up Gmail in Mail on your Mac to send and receive email. When you use Gmail on your Mac, you can configure whether you access your online account.

Type again your full email address in Username , and your Gmail password in Password. Review your Account summary , make sure the Take account online checkbox is enabled and click Create. You can close now the Preferences dialog. Set special purpose folders At this point you can start using your email account in Apple Mail, but it is recommended to follow next steps to fine tune some Mail behaviors related to special folders to store sent items, drafts, spam and deleted items trash.

Find your email account folders in the Mail folder hierarchy, and expand the [Gmail] folder. Click on the Drafts folder to select it. Go to Mailbox , Use this mailbox for , Drafts.