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All rights reserved. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. About Wowpedia Disclaimers Mobile view. This has apparently met with a reasonable amount of success. Another workaround: Fear not, young Leetskilzninjaxx. This saves the latest frame drawn to a Screenshots folder inside your World of Warcraft folder.

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You can also use the Mac's builtin screenshot key shortcuts CMD-Shift-4, but these aren't synced with the game's graphics engine, so they may capture an incomplete or "torn" image. Screenshots are saved in the JPEG format by default. This is a lossy compression format -- it produces small files, but with reduced image quality.

The format and quality of screenshots can be changed via the screenshotFormat and screenshotQuality config variables.

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For example, to switch to a high-quality PNG format, type the following into the chat frame once logged into WoW:. For more details, see the [ Console Variables] section below.

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The screenshotFormat control has been available on the Mac since Patch 1. Patch 2. See Mac Video Recording and Editing. It is possible to play WoW on a Mac with two screens also known as "dual-head" configuration , playing the game on one and leaving the other usable for different programs such as looking up things on WoWWiki. It is necessary to hook up a second screen to the video-out port — on current models of Mac, this will most often be a mini DisplayPort or in some cases a mini-DVI port; older models of Mac laptop may have a full-size DVI or a mini-VGA port.

In all cases except the full-size DVI port, you will need to buy an adapter to go between the port and the cable supplied with the monitor; these are available from Apple as well as some other manufacturers.

When the cable is plugged in, the screen should automatically be recognised by the computer. On laptops, the external screen can be switched between mirroring mode in which the screen shows the exact same image as the built-in one or as an actual second screen; on current desktop Macs, it is normally set to be a true second screen. You can also choose whether or not the screens mirror each other on this tab. There is, however, a problem with playing WoW on a Mac with two screens: A solution might seem to be to put the menu bar on the external screen and then setting WoW to maximized, windowed mode, so as to leave the menu bar and Dock accessible.

Unfortunately, when WoW switches to maximized mode, it hides both Dock and menu bar, making the net result almost exactly the same as when the menu bar is displayed on the internal screen. As such, the best way to play WoW on a secondary screen is probably to use the windowed mode and put up with not being able to play completely fullscreen. Another issue is that in windows mode, the framerate drops to about half the rate it has in fullscreen mode on the current author's mid iMac with an ATI Radeon HD and MB video memory.

As mentioned in the Performance Tips , however, turning off the fullscreen glow appears to improve the framerate somewhat.

Mac legion system requirements

If you copied just the WoW app, you'll need to re-copy it after patching your main WoW install. Added early Mac models. It does seem like they are giving a way worse recommendation for the AMD. The Mac team has proved highly responsive to known issues. Log In. Embrace of Akunda - Your healing abilities have a chance to heal their target for damage. About Wowpedia Disclaimers Mobile view.

Using AppleScript it is possible to run WoW full screen on a 2nd monitor, leaving the Menubar and Dock on the primary monitor. The position in the script is measured from the top left corner of the primary screen the location of Apple menu. A positive value will move the window the right, a negative to the left. Here's and example script for dual monitors of Resolution x, primary monitor on the right, WoW on the left:.

You'll need to make a separate copy of the World of Warcraft application, as attempting to re-launch the same application will just refocus the already running copy. Depending on your goals, there are three common ways to go about doing this:. Whichever approach you choose, you'll need to repeat some of you work when a WoW patch comes out.

If you copied just the WoW app, you'll need to re-copy it after patching your main WoW install. And of course, any approach to multiboxing requires multiple separate WoW accounts one for each simultaneously logged in character. Here is a shell script that greatly simplifies the Hybrid Approach for users who are not comfortable with creating symbolic links.

🔧 World Of Warcraft: Dramatically increase performance / FPS with any setup!

This script allows you to run two clients, keep the cache separate between the two, and only uses about 17MB of additional hard disk space:. If you would like to share addons between the two installations, add the following line to the bottom of the shell script: Whenever a patch for WoW is released, patch your main installation and then copy the patched "World of Warcraft.

Do NOT attempt to patch both installations as you may corrupt your Data folder and be forced to reinstall the game. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Source information needed!

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