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5 Mac Miller Songs That Revealed His Tortured Psyche He's been busy working on his latest album, Swimming , all while rebounding from his breakup with pop-queen Ariana Grande.

Fans were originally stunned to find out their two-year relationship had come to an end, but felt optimistic considering it seemed to be an amicable, mutual split. Now, these Mac Miller lyrics about Ariana Grande from Swimming give fans a little closer look into how the rapper is feeling about it all.

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Miller's fifth album dropped on Friday, August 3, and has a refreshingly open and emotional vibe. He doesn't really seem "angry" so much as introspective. As HipHopWired.

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Some of the track titles alone are pretty loaded. My quick assumption is Miller knows he was on a little bit of a toxic partying rollercoaster and Grande always helped bring him back down to earth.

Mac Miller - I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time Lyrics

Here are a few lyrics fans are linking to their relationship. Anytime he refers to a "she" or "her" it's easy to point towards Grande. In these lyrics, it sounds like Miller saw his time with Grande as relief and a break from his otherwise wild lifestyle.

Mac Miller - 100 Grandkids (Official Music Video)

First things first, Ariana Grande can sing. Like, really, really sing.

Mac Miller - I Am Who Am (Killin' Time) Lyrics

Hell nah. You're wasting away doing nothing, you're fronting Why ain't you chasing your dreams?

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Bad selection. I'm Not Real. Gees 6. Youforia You know what I'm talking about young man?

We wonder 'bout life but none of us willing to learn The money we earn is something to burn Why won't they give me a turn out? Feed the hungry and clothe the naked You're mistaken the world is cold and it's lonely ain't it When 'em high roller homes in Vegas Raid 'em with some home invasions Contaminating the place with plague, we just saved the day I waste away in a room spitting these raps Yahweh put the world in my hands, I'm giving it back [Hook: Ab-Soul] It's just a different time, man, it's just a different time There was a time, when we showed love You know like how we, approach a young lady You see a beautiful young lady you like You say "Damn, man, you're gorgeous" I'll take off my coat right now and Lay it down on the puddle and, make sure you don't miss a step You know what I'm talking bout, young man?

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I Am Who Am (Killin' Time) Lyrics: (coughs) I think I'm getting sick / Been in this room, like I was hot / Look, I'm posing a question / How many been empty and. I am who am (killin' time) - live in london Lyrics: I'm posing a question, how many been empty and holding aggression? / Close to depression, open your eyes.

See all these bitches, hoes and I just don't understand it I don't know what's to come of you, young man.